Deep Waters Womens Ministry 


D.W.W.M. is the domestic outreach of Love in action international. 

This is a teaching ministry that provides women of all ethnic back rounds an opportunity to strengthen their Biblical knowledge, increase their faith life, and learn new approaches to dealing with every day problems. The women also benefit by developing a renewed mind, healed heart, and transformed life. In addition, women are given the opportunity to fellowship with other like-minded individuals to build community and are able to receive discipleship, mentorship and spiritual counseling.

The mission of Deep Waters Women’s Ministry is to teach Biblical truths in a learning environment so that each woman may come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and live a life transformed by His power.

The vision of this ministry is to develop Godly women who are guided, governed, and empowered by the Spirit of God so that God’s kingdom may be manifested in every life, home, church, city, and nation. 

All are welcome. Email us for more information:

Thank you & God Bless,

Grisel C. (Founder, Teacher & Pastor)