Who we are

In the fall of 2016, Love In Action International materialized into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Montgomery, Illinois. 

It's mission is to serve the local community in need and underdeveloped countries to provide aid in the areas of hunger, housing, health, and education as indicated in (Matthew 25:35-36) with the primary goal of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that many may come to the knowledge and salvation of our Lord, (1 Timothy 2:4).

The vision of Love In Action International is not only to reach souls for the kingdom of God, but to establish God’s kingdom on earth by constructing and building churches, orphanages, housing, schools, and medical centers so that the disadvantaged may be cared for throughout the world, (Daniel 7:27). 

To founders Daniel and Grisel Caron; Love In Action International represents the next phase of serving others. Residing in Montgomery, IL, Daniel and Grisel have decided to answer God’s call in their lives: to serve both locally and internationally in the commission of Jesus Christ, (Matt. 28:19). Daniel has worked for thirty-five years as a mental health nurse. Caring for the holistic needs of others: body, mind, and spirit has been his vocation. He now transitions this vocation to missions. Journeys to Dominican Republic, South Africa, and Guatemala have solidified his commitment to God’s new direction in his life.

Grisel is a second generation leader and Pastor in the making. She not only ministers to women, but also has a love and a passion for international missions. Not knowing which career route she would embark on, Grisel sought the Lord and He answered her by opening the doors for her to earn her Master’s of Divinity degree from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, Il. While arduously working in her studies and ministering to women, God opened another area of ministry: International Missions. The Lord has allowed Grisel to take various mission trips to: Dominican Republic, Haiti, South Africa, Puerto Rico and Guatemala. She not only shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also brings provisions for the underprivileged and disadvantaged and works with other ministries and medical teams to bring health care services to the sick.

Daniel & Grisel will be heading back to Dominican Republic in 2019 and will enter into Bedu, Haiti to build a water well and a church for a pastor and his congregation. They will also be working towards purchasing land, and breaking ground to build a Love In Action Satellite Site. This site will be a home base that provides teaching, education and training to individuals who have a strong desire to learn and volunteer in the missions field.

Please take a few moments to browse the web pages, and inform yourself of the work Love In Action International has done.. We are yet in the early stages of this organization, but as God continues to expand and move our work and services forward both locally and internationally, we will update the web site with announcements, and pictures